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Are you in search of a water well driller in Colfax Washington?

Uhlenkott Well Drilling has been servicing Colfax Washington for years. We are fourth generation drillers with over 35 years of person experience. We are licensed and Bonded in the state of Washington. Give us a call for a free well drilling estimate today, you will be glad you did. Our company is founded on honesty, integrity and fair pricing.

Our drill rig is top of the line which increases productivity, and decreases cost for our customers.

The cost of having a well drilled depends on a few factors. The depth of the well, the amount of casing needed, as well as the cost of the water well pump. When there is heavy rock in the ground there is typically a need for additional casing.

An average well depth is approximately 200 feet. This depth is directly associated with underground geology and aquifers.

It is very important to carefully plan out your water well endeavor. Lower depths typically can lead to lower costs. A water well is the life blood of your home and should be carefully considered.

A water well is a hole that is dug down into the earth on the building site. The hole depth will depending on the geology of the area you are building. The hole is dug using our heavy duty drilling rig. Once the hole is dug, we then add metal casing to the hole to prevent the water well from being contaminated from water and debris closer to the land surface.

After the casing has been placed then you will need a water well pump. The pump is what will draw the water out of the aquifer and up to the surface. This water is then piped to your home or building where water is required and stored in a pressurized tank. This storage will help with storing water so that you will get it on demand in the home.

Then a series of plumbing distributes the water to various faucets and outlets throughout the building or home. With over four generations of experience and 35 years on the job training, Brett Uhlenkott Well Drilling can help you with well drilling in Colfax Washington as we have for generations.