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Are you searching for a reputable company for your water well drilling in Council Idaho? Brett Uhlenkott is a fourth generation driller with over 35 years experience. There are many factors that determine and expert at well drilling. Two of the most important factors are speed and affordability. The longer the drilling takes, the more the cost.

With a top of the line drilling rig, you are sure to get speed and accuracy out of Uhlenkott’s team. In many instances we can drill and set your casing in once day. Fully insured and licensed in the state of Idaho, expect the best.

A water well is a shaft or a deep hole in the ground that reaches a safe and drinkable water table for your home. This shaft extends down to water bearing formations. A typical average well depth is about 200 feet in depth and is typically drilled using specialized water well drilling equipment such as ours.

The top part of the drilled hole needs to have a sleeve or pipe called casing. This casing prevents the risk of surface water getting into the well and contaminating it. In some instances where there is heavy rock in the ground, the casing will be extended to prevent the hole from caving in. Some water wells require a well screen which keeps sand out and lets water in the well.

A water pump is then needed to get the water out of the pump and into the home. Water from the underground aquifer is then pumped up through the hole and sleeve and into your home. This water is stored in a pressurized tank to store water for use when the pump is not running.

From the pressure tank the water is then piped throughout your home. The individual use points include the faucets, showers, toilets and all distribution points where water is needed.

The water well placement needs to take a certain number of factors into account. A few of these factors include environmental and geology of the land as well as placement of the home. The first step is to make sure you are planning properly. This is where Brett Uhlenkott’s experience comes into play. With having 35 years experience and being a fourth generation driller, you are in good hands.