Grangeville Idaho Well Drilling

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If you need a water well drilled in Grangeville Idaho, we can help. We are experts at well drilling for over four generations in our family. For the past 35 years, Brett Uhlenkott has been owner and operator of his own water well drilling rig. With the latest top of the line drilling rig, we can offer a great service at a very affordable price.

We are licensed and bonded in the state of Idaho for water well drilling services. We have serviced many happy clients over the years in Grangeville.

When looking to have a well drilled there are some key things to consider. How much experience the driller has, are they licensed and bonded, and have they drilled in your area in the past. We are drilling experts and have serviced many clients over the years in your area.

A water well is a hole that is dug into the earth down to an underground aquifer. This hole is dug deep enough to get good water flow for a lasting well. After the hole is dug we weld metal pipe called casing together and drop it into the hole. This will help protect the hole and prevent collapse. A few factors the determine the cost of the well are the depth of the hole and how many feet of casing is needed. In high rock areas additional casing is needed.

The geology of the area and the building site of the home are important factors when planning your well drilling. Brett Uhlenkott has over 35 years of hands on experience and can help with this planning.

Our trademarks are honesty, integrity and affordability. Give us a chance to give you a free water well drilling estimate for your Grangeville water well. You will be pleased with our pricing and our high quality service.