Our History

“Family owned and operated business for over 100 years.”

Uhlenkott Well Drilling started on the family farm in the early 1900’s with a cable rig (pounder). My great grandfather, Joe, bought a cable drill rig off of the driller who was drilling his well. With many hard lessons in the early days, Joe finished his own well and soon found himself drilling for some of the neighboring farms. As the years went by, his son, Alphonse became the driller on the cable rig until the 1960’s when his brother and my grandfather, Ray Uhlenkott, bought the first air rotary drill. As the business continued to grow, Ray purchased two additional drills. Ray’s sons operated the drills for many years until he passed away in 2001. Then the third generation, Tim & William Uhlenkott owned and operated the drilling business. Upon Tim & William’s retiring, Brett & Cara purchased the drilling business in 2009. Brett has been involved in this business as long as he can remember. Going to the drill with his father, Tim, as a little boy to becoming a licensed driller, Brett has enjoyed and taken pride in his history with Uhlenkott Drilling. Proud to take over the reins, Brett continues to carry on the Uhlenkott tradition of hard work, integrity, and a job done right.