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Are you searching for a reputable professional water well drilling company in Potlatch idaho?

Brett Uhlenkott Well Drilling has been servicing Potlatch for over 35 years. Integrity, honesty and affordability are the service standards we commit.

When considering a well drilling professional there are few things to keep in mind. Is the company licensed and bonded? How much drilling experience do they have? Is the company affordable and accurate?

A water well is something that should be carefully planned out. The geology and the building site are key factors in this planning. Uhlenkott’s has drilled thousands of wells in Idaho and Washington over the years. Put this experience to work for you.

A water well is basically a hole drilled into the earth down to an underground aquifer. This aquifer when the supply the home with water through a series of plumbing pipes. Most water wells average about 200 feet deep. This depth can vary depending on geology and underground water sources in your area.

First we start by surveying your property. Then once we mutually agree on a location, we schedule the drilling. Our drillers then use our drilling rig to dig down until there is good water flow measured. Next we install metal sleeves called casing into the hole. This is performed through connection metal piping with a weld and then lowering it into the hole. This will prevent the hole from collapsing and keep surface contaminants out of the water source.

After the casing is installed it is time to install a water pump. The pump once installed, will then draw the water to the surface and then to a pressurized water tank. This will store the water so that it will be ready on demand in your home. Then from the pressure tank the water is routed through plumbing to faucets and fixtures where water supply is needed.

Brett Uhlenkott Water Well drilling has serviced the Potlatch area for well over 35 years and is very experienced in this area. Give us a call for a free estimate, we can save you time and money.